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$35 off HTC Wildfire

Get $35 Off and a FREE Month of Service when you buy the HTC Wildfire from Virgin Mobile

Other Current Promo Codes

$40 off LG Rumor 2

Get $40 off the LG Rumor 2 from Virgin Mobile

New Motorola Triumph Android

Motorola Triumph Smartphone
1 GHz Processor
4.1" Touchscreen
5MP camera
Front-facing VGA camera
720p HD camcorder with HDMI output
and MORE

NEW Optimus Elite

Introducing the NEW Optimus Elite from Virgin Mobile. The phone is loaded with great features including a 3.5 Touchscreen, Google Wallet, 5MP Camera and access to Google Play.

Broadband2Go by Virgin Mobile: 500MB for $20/month

Broadband2Go - New $20 Plan - No Contract 3G Internet at Home or on the Go. Surf the web, check email and much more, all on the Nationwide 3G Sprint Network.

payLo by Virgin Mobile - $30 a month

1500 Minutes & 1500 Messages only $30/month. No Contract. Get More When You payLo. 3 Simple Plan choices, customized to fit your budget. Pay with cash, credit, debit or PayPal.

$20 Bonus with Broadband

Get a $20 Bonus when you get broadband from Virgin Mobile

LG Optimus V

LG Optimus V for $129.99! Upgrade to Android 2.2 on this 3G & Wi-Fi capable smartphone. Navigate on a 3.2" touchscreen with a virtual QWERTY keyboard and Swype text entry. Check in with Gmail, Twitter, and YouTube. 

The NEW LG200 - $49.99

The LG200, affordable messaging phone with QWERTY keyboard, camera, Bluetooth Wireless, Mobile Web and more. Included FREE: Ground Shipping, Activation, 30 Day Guarantee

More than you Expect $35 month

Premium devices. Plans starting at just $35 a month. Unlimited data & messaging included. No contract.

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Virgin Mobile User Reviews

For $25 you can get 300 minutes/month, but the best part is it includes unlimited text and data. This is way better deal than I was paying with AT&T. The downside is the cost of the phone. I paid for my LG Rumor Touch, whereas the other guys you get the phone close to free when you sign a 2-year contract. The savings is well worth it. Plus I'm not locked into a contract!

The Virgin Mobile agent that helped me port my old number. I was pleasantly surprised to see my total bill was under $27 including sales tax. No other various charges. Service is the same as Sprint's since it's the same network. Coverage for 3G is good where I live. So far I have very little to complain about.

Mary 12 years ago

Virgin uses the Sprint network and the service is pretty good. Less dropped calls than AT&T, but the average data speeds tend to be slower than AT&T/Verizon. Overall the plans are good and no contracts is great.

Matt 12 years ago

My area has crappy Sprint coverage, but I've had similar problems (dropped calls etc) with AT&T and Verizon. Nothing I can do about where I live. Luckily I haven't had to deal with customer service yet, I've heard it's horrible, but again so is Verizon. You can't beat the affordable price. You get what you pay for, and I like cheap, so it works for me.

Kyle Andrews 12 years ago

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Virgin Mobile Overview

Virgin Mobile offers Prepaid Cell Phone Service and Pay as you Go with No Annual Contracts.

Virgin Mobile USA customers have access to Sprint's Nationwide Network. Choose from Android, BlackBerry, and touchscreen devices – all with No Contract. Buy online and get fast, free shipping. Unlimited Web, Data, Messaging, and Email on All Plans, Starting at Just $35/month.

No Contract. No Compromise. Change Plans Anytime.

Expired Promo Codes

Half Off MiFi 2200

Get 50% Off the MiFi 2200 from Virgin Mobile.
Friday thru Monday Only. 

Expired Nov 28, 2011

Half Off LG Rumor 2

Black Friday Deal: Get 50% Off the LG Rumor 2

Expired Nov 27, 2011

Half Off LG Rumor Touch

Black Friday Deal: Get 50% Off the LG Rumor Touch

Expired Nov 27, 2011

Half Off Samsung Restore

Black Friday Deal: Get 50% Off the Samsung Restore 

Expired Nov 27, 2011

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