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NEW LG Optimus Black Unlimited


All You Need Bundle for $30/Month

30 days. No contracts.
1000 Nationwide minutes
1000 Nationwide text or picture messages
30 MB mobile web access

Get a FREE LG220C when you purchase the All You Need bundle for Only $30!

Get a FREE phone when you purchase the LG220C All You Need Bundle for $30. Phone is refurbished.

FREE Overnight Shipping

FREE overnight shipping on any orders of SIMs and SIM Bundles $14.99 or greater.

Bring Your Own Phone

Use virtually any compatible or unlocked GSM phone with a Straight Talk SIM to get service on the best nationwide networks. Keep your phone number. Purchase a Straight Talk SIM card and Airtime bundle and use your own phone.

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Straight Talk User Reviews


DICK 12 years ago

Aside from having the urge to eat lentils and humus after talking with customer service at least 20calls to get someone that I can understand speaking English these people are totally incompedent their ploy is to give you a generic answer to your problem to get you off the phone it took me 3months to fix their automated system from dropping my calls wouldn't recommend this service to anyone if you wanna get screwed go for it but I told you so

Jay d 12 years ago

the samsung touch is not worth the money!! i would not buy this phone. pain trying to get it replaced or refunded when you only had the phone for 10 days.

posted 12 years ago

the nokia is nothing but a P.O.S !!!!!! and thats the best thing i can say about it not joking !!!! DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT WAIST YOUR MONEY ONE THIS POS!!!!!!!

posted 13 years ago

I had straight talk; there unlimited plan is not true. They terminated my service for using to much data(web,picture messaging). Then they deactivated my phone which I just paid a $99.00 for two months earlier. They said if I want service I would have to buy a new phone and a new service card. That my phone is no longer good. I got my $45 unlimited card on 12/23 service was turned off on 12/27. 4 days of service for $45.00.. I would not recommend them

Marshall Pagan 13 years ago

Everywhere Iwent,the phone would say no service.had to cancel before the month was up.

posted 13 years ago

it a good service but needs better flip phones and so on

george frierson 13 years ago

I used straight talk for over 2 years. When I had an issue, I called customer service and they fix it. Sometimes you have to be patient to get your problem taken care of. I've used my phone in different states without any problems, too.

marty 13 years ago

I bought a Straight Talk phone almost 2 yrs ago. i live in the middle of no where MN. and have NEVER had any problems with the phone, the service or adding minutes. Yes, the phones don't work in some places but before you buy check to make sure they will. Use some common sense before you buy. i recently bought the new smart phone and although the touch screen takes some getting use to, I loooove it! Not to mention what a great savings you get for talk text and web time!

Terri Olson 13 years ago

My straight talk phone was pretty cheap and i love the plan... My phone works everywhere i have been so far so i say it's a pretty good service provider!!!

Shannon:) 13 years ago

well just attempted to refill my airtime . didnt go thru ,,,, I called the 888 # got a recording ---- due to the high volume of calls they cant take my call !!!!!!!!!! .. the recording suggested I go to rthe web site for faster service ------ the web site is down for repair !!!!!!!!! GREAT SERVICE IS ALL I CAN SAY NOT !!!!!!!

jim 13 years ago

Hi there, Recently I have had quite a few problems with this service and I've found that the customer service is completely inadiquate. Since dec. 2010 I've been a loyal customer and then my phone just quite working and after two pointless sim cards were sent my phone still did not work so I waited another 5 days for a replacement phone and the 14 unlimited service days I had lost plus the two free months of unlimitless service promised I am still without - what a poor outsorced company straight talk truly is!!!!!!

posted 13 years ago

The price, and unlimited everything, is a major plus. That being said, there is a major breakdowdown in the customer svc arena. There is a real gap, between English language, and their weak understand of our language, creates a blockage at times. We paid twice the very first month of service n 1 of the 2 phones, both have numbers in sequece such as 9134, & 9135, yet because of the extra charge on 1 phone, we now have different payment dates. Mine was supposed to be due tomorrow, yet it was shut off today. If they had reps that were well versed in the English language, This may have been solved months ago.

posted 13 years ago

I have used Straight talk for a few years now. It's affordable & it works great! The only thing that sucks is that I live in Nebraska so we are NEVER offered any of the good phones that come out! It would be nice if all of there phones would provide service in Nebraska, I want a Smart Phone or a touch screen dang it! None of the phones they do offer even have video capabilities! Grrr

Renae 13 years ago

WARNING! Do not use Straight Talk! They advertise as a nationwide service, however, some of the phones they sell will not work in certain areas. I purchased my phone a week ago and then went on vacation. The phone gets NO service here even though it is advertised as being a covered area. My sister, who is a Straight talk customer, lives in the area where I am vacationig and gets perfect service. So I guess if you do decide to become a customer of this scamming company, don't plan on having any service once you leave your zip code.

Darla Vinton 13 years ago

I have had the straight talk phone for just over a year now and i use every day on a day to day basis. it came in very handy in the winter when i went in a ditch and is always reliable. i would strongly recommend this phone to anyone who is sick of paying hundreds a month on contract phones and sick of overage fees because straight talk has neither. my husband also uses his just as much as me if not more and is really rough on his and he's had the phone longer than me and it's still functioning. he first got his cuz he goes fishing alot and is always droppin his phone in the we switched to a cheaper alternative. straight talk does everything you NEED in a cell phone so why not get rid of of one of your monthly stresses and switch to straight talk. i did and never looked back!!

Ashley, IA 13 years ago

yes the phone n svc. is great

still 13 years ago

I use Straighttalk for cell phone service. The calls frequently drop. The website to purchase service plans never works. It always says unavailable or we have encountered a problem, etc, etc. Bullshit! I have sent several emails the past several months but they do nothing. I dont work the 8 am to 5 pm that the techs for Straighttalk work so thats why I want to use the website. I would NEVER recommend this use crap to another person!!!

Debbi 13 years ago

what a nightmareI bought the phone, and the card. I tried to activate the phone using the prepaid card,,never happened! The person I talked to was speaking in very broken english, I could not understand a word he was saying. Walmart outsourced to another country I'm out $50.00 good luck

paige 13 years ago

I purchased a Straight Talk phone 6 months ago. Sun 21 Aug the phone went blank..I called customer service, they said I had to send back the phone before they would send a replacement. I received the box to return it on Aug 25th and sent it back same day overnight, they received the defective phone Aug 26th, I am still waiting for a replacement and it is now Aug 30th, I have called repeatedly and been told that it is being processed, but nobody can tell me when I might receive a new one! Customer service at Straight Talk does not exist!!! I will never use them again. I have now been without a phone for 10 days already and they still have not shipped out a new one!!!!

Onetruebrit 13 years ago

you can get no straightalk service in ky on verizon network because straighttalk say verizon has no towers in ky but the guy sitting next to me in car with verizon phone had service. straightalk told me iwould have nationwide service but that was a lie. they suggested i throw away the phone i just bought and get a straighttalk phone that works on att. what a ripoff. also their customer care people speak very poor english and get mad when you do not understand them.

will knight 13 years ago

So far it's the best mobile phone service I have ever had. I travel all over the mid-west and the service is just as good or better then the other providers I've used. I also added a plan for my wife. No more $300 bills from Verizon, AT&T and the likes. I got the Samsung T528G which is pretty good phone.

Jim B 13 years ago

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Straight Talk Overview

Straight Talk is a Mobile Virtual Network operator (MVNO). It offers bother CDMA and GSM service. The CDMA service uses Verizon's or Sprint's wireless network. The GSM service uses of either T-Mobile's or AT&T's GSM networks.

Straight Talk offers two No-Contract cell phone plans.
With the ALL YOU NEED Plan, receive 1000 minutes, 1000 text or multimedia messages, 30 MB of data transfer for data phones and 411 calls at no additional charge.

With the Unlimited Plan, receive unlimited talk, text and data Nationwide anytime with calls to 411 at no additional charge.

Straight Talk is only offered online or at Walmart.

Expired Promo Codes

Help support the Make-A-Wish foundation

Ways to help.

Visit Walmart's Wireless Center on any Saturday through 10/13, demo on a Straight Talk Wireless LG smart phone, and they'll donate a dollar to Make-A-Wish.

See a smart phone in action at and they'll donate $.10 for every online demo completed through October 13th, with a minimum $500,000, maximum $1,000,000 donation (one donation per viewer).

Expired Oct 13, 2012

Father's Day Special

FREE $20 lunch with any LG Optimus Black phone or bundle purchase. While supplies last - Get a $20.00 Gift Card when you follow the instructions included with your phone.

Expired Jun 17, 2012

Mother's Day Special

Mother's Day Special! Surprise her with a new Samsung R355C QWERTY with Free Overnight Shipping for only $59.99!  (over $30 in savings)

Expired May 25, 2012

QWERTY $39.99 + free overnight shipping

Mother's Day Special!  Surprise her with a new LG 900G QWERTY with Free Overnight Shipping for $39.99!

Expired May 25, 2012

Free SkinIt

 Code  skinit1

Free SkinIt with purchase of any phone or phone bundle. Use Promo Code: skinit1

Expired Aug 01, 2011

$50 Bundle - Web Exclusive

Get the Samsung T401G (Phone is refurbished) and All You Need Bundle for $50

NEW Samsung Slider plus Unlimited Card

Samsung T340G Slider
1.3 Megapixel Camera and video recorder
Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Mobile web services
Includes a 30 day service plan which provides: Unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited mobile web access and calls to 411.

$25 off LG Optimus Q

 Code  25OFFST

$25 off an LG Optimus Q This phone only works with the $45 Unlimited Plan. 25OFFST

Get the Samsung R355C and the All You Need Plan for Only $50!

All You Need Plan and the Samsung R355C Phone for $50.
Phone is refurbished.

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