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U-verse TV + Internet $49/mo

Order online and get $100 back via promotion card. $43 off your monthly price for 6 months. Add HBO® or HBO®/Cinemax® and get it free for 3 months! DVR included. No contract term of activation fee. Online only.

Expires Jan 31, 2012

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U-verse Triple $89/mo and $200 Back

Order online and get $200 back via promotion card. $28 off per month for 12 months with 1 year service agreement. Add HBO® or HBO®/Cinemax® and get it free for 3 months! Price Guaranteed for 1 year. DVR included.

Expires Jan 31, 2012

$25/mo off U-verse TV

Get U-family TV or higher service and receive $25 off TV per month for 6 months. With this discount, U-verse TV Plans start at $29/mo. After 6 months, standard rate applies unless cancelled by customer.

Expires Jan 31, 2012
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AT&T U-verse User Reviews

I previously had Comcast and had huge issues with it. I switched to ATT DSL and the first sales person didn’t input my info correctly and I was purged from the system. I waited around all day for the tech to instal whatever he needed to and no one showed up unknown to me after being purged. I got that settled and had service with ATT DSL for about a month and it got insanely slow. Turns out my services were being sent to an address in Alabama… I live in Tennessee. After having a manager take care of that I confirmed my autopay…five months later I get a bill saying I haven’t been paying and got disconnected, even though I’d been getting notices to remind me about the automatic w/d.

UVERSE: I ordered Uverse at the first of the month and got my equipment within two days. On the instal date I got a call saying it wouldn’t be until the 16th that my service would be available. I called back a few days later to speak with someone about this and was then told it wouldn’t be until the 23rd. On the 22nd my wife asked me to call in a confirm that services would be connected. I wasn’t even in the system for service connection, they only showed I had my equipment. I get a confirmation that service will be available after 8pm on the 23rd… didn’t happen. On the 24th I call retention to see what the heck is going on. I get told the original sales person set up my order completely wrong and it would have to be cleared and resubmitted. We did so and I read off my SN on the equipment I had. Come Monday the 26th a service tech comes out to the house and singles out the phone line I would connect the Uverse equipment to and he sends another person out to active something outside. That guy comes out that afternoon and tells me there aren’t enough slots or something on my phone line and gives me his bosses number and says if she doesn’t contact me by 3:30pm to call her. Guess what? No call. I called her and left about five messages over two days with no result. I call retention again and get transferred to level 2 and after being on hold for more than 30 minutes I am finally told the service tech to instal another port or whatever won’t be out until October 21st, three weeks away. I cancel services and will shortly be returning the equipment.

Reasons why this really really sucks? My wife is a member of the PTA at my five year old’s magnet school she attends. My wife is also the troop leader for my daughters Girl Scouts (Daisy Scouts). My daughters teacher sends out an email to all parents every single day and my daughter is required to do online math homework at least three times a week and is now 700 math problems behind the rest of her class. I am attending college again and internet really is a requirement for my whole family. Seems ATT doesn’t want to do anything to push this forward and fix this so now I get to send emails to as high up as I can to let them know how wonderfully their company is treating people.

Daryl 11 years ago

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AT&T U-verse Overview

AT&T Uverse is an advanced TV and internet service that provides faster internet speeds. The TV service is an IPTV service (television over internet lines) that tends to offer more than the local cable company.

U-verse TV includes lots of HD channels (watch up to 4 simultaneously), a pleasing TV guide menu interface, DVR (with up to 200 hours of SD recording), super quick channel changing, whole home DVR sharing, and video on demand libraries with many titles available in HD.

AT&T offers bundled services which generally result in significant savings over individual pricing. Promotions change frequently, so keep on eye on the current offer before ordering service.

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